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“Eden:Where Love Wasn’t Supposed To Be” is a film written to let those that are captured and entombed by addiction that there is hope. That there is a way out of that life.

According to the NIH, the greatest increase of heroin use has been seen in young adults aged 18-25. Those most likely to go see the film being the ones who may need the film.

Tragedy and hardships only need to be chapters in our life, not the final story. Even in the grasp of an addiction or an abusive lifestyle, there is always hope. A leap of faith, a turn of the page, pushing though and new relationships can write a new chapter and change our story.

We believe that this film will have a wide audience for several reasons. It is not just a suspenseful drama, and it is not just a faith-based film either. It is written with real life scenarios, real characters, driven by medical knowledge, street knowledge, first hand experience, and Biblical truth.

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